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Welcome to new IITM students

Welcome to the latest cohort of IITM students! Find out more about them and their interests here.

Last month (October 2017) we welcomed five new students to the IITM DPhil programme: Robert Friedrich-Donat, Mari Johnson, Lea Nussbaum, Hannah Sharpe and Sarah Wideman.

Robert studied Immunology at the University of Edinburgh and is now working in Simon Draper‘s lab investigating red blood cell invasion by the malaria parasite. Mari is also focusing on malaria during her first rotation, designing epitopes for a potential vaccine in Matt Higgins‘ lab. Before coming to Oxford, Mari studied Cellular and Molecular Medicine at the University of Bristol. Lea studied Molecular Biotechnology at Heidelberg University in Germany. She is currently working in William James‘ lab, examining cellular interactions during HIV infection. Hannah studied Biology and Immunology here at Oxford and is now working in Ellie Barnes‘ lab characterising immune responses to hepatitis C vaccination. Sarah studied Biomedicine at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden. She is now undertaking a rotation in Hal Drakesmith‘s lab looking at the effect of iron deficiency on immune function.

Author: Layal Liverpool

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