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Message from the directors

Professor Chris Tang (Director), Professor Jan Rehwinkel (Co-director), Professor Nicole Zitzmann (Co-Director)

“Welcome to the IITM Students’ website. The website provides an inside view of the IITM community, and gives up-to-date insights into the lives of students, past and present.  Our aim as directors of the IITM DPhil programme is to offer outstanding opportunities for training and research in Infection, Immunity and Translational Medicine. We believe that major breakthroughs in the treatment and prevention of infectious and immune disorders will only come from studying the fundamental mechanisms of host:pathogen interactions and immune homeostasis in animal and human model systems.


IITM is a vibrant community that provides students with chance to experience cutting edge research in world-leading research groups across a wide variety of disciplines, and to integrate this with understanding how this knowledge can be applied in the clinic.


Many of our students do amazing things, both inside and outside the laboratory, and go on to have amazing careers. We hope you enjoy learning about them on here.


We want to congratulate Layal and Richard for putting this website together.  Thank you for all you have done.”