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Supervisor availability

Supervisors can only accept 1.5 students at a time.

For the year 2019/2020, students are based in the following labs:

Supervisor Student(s) (Year, proportional allocation)
Alfredo Castello Palomares Kate Dicker (2nd year)
Andy Pollard Mari Johnson (3rd year)
Bridget Wills Juliane Brun (4th year, 0.5)
Colin Kleanthous Iva Atanaskovic (3rd year, 0.5)
Fiona Powrie Rebecca Jeffery (2nd year)
Graham Ogg Lea Nussbaum (3rd year)
Hal Drakesmith Sarah Wideman (3rd year)
Katja Simon Felix Richter (4th year)
Martin Maiden Iva Atanaskovic (3rd year, 0.5)
Michael Dustin Alexander Morch (2nd year)
Nicole Zitzmann Juliane Brun (4th year, 0.5)
Omer Dushek Johannes Pettman (4th year, 0.5)
Paul Klenerman Hannah Sharpe (3rd year, 0.5)
Philip Goulder Oliver Sampson (2nd year)
Richard Cornall Robert Donat (3rd year, 0.5)
João Ferreira Fernandes (2nd year, 0.5)
Sarah Gilbert Hannah Sharpe (3rd year, 0.5)
Simon Davis Johannes Pettmann (4th year, 0.5)
Robert Donat (3rd year, 0.5)
João Ferreira Fernandes (2nd year, 0.5)
Simon Draper Robert Ragotte (4th year)
Vincenzo Cerundolo Vivian Lau (2nd year)
William James Alun Vaughan-Jackson (4th year)

First year students are currently rotating in the following labs:

Current Supervisor Other Rotations Student
Jane McKeating, Old Road Campus TBD Helene Bormann
Paul Klenerman, Medawar TBD Linnea Drexhage
William James, SWDSOP TBD Emma Haberman
Ellie Barnes, Medawar TBD Fernando Jimenez Gallardo
Alfredo Castello Palomares, Biochemistry TBD Barbora Schonfeldova
Ervin Fodor, SWDSOP TBD Zihan (Amanda) Zhu

A full list of supervisors associated with the programme can be found here.

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